Sunday, May 9, 2010

Abbey Lee Kershaw

As requested by ELLE  ♥


  1. she takes bare breasted to a whole new level! lol

    how about a red-head post? i'm convinced that pale girls can rock a bikini just as well as a tan chick.


  2. Oh Abbey <3 <3 <3

    There are no words

    I love that she's a little nuts too. Have you seen her lezzer shoot? And her inner lip tattoo?

    Some of the pics you have are from a shoot she did for a lil ol' newspaper supplement called Style magazine which I adore. One week I didn't get it and my friend rang me to tell me he saved it for me and I ran all the way to his house to pick it up despite being late for the train, because I heard it was an Abbey Lee special, and he hung out his window to give it to me. Boy I could've kissed him. I made it last nearly the whole train journey (1 1/2 hours), salivating over it and grinning to myself. I must've looked like a right freak. It was broadsheet sized. Giant sized Abbey. Mmmm. *dribble*

    I second Summer!! Redheads Rock. Wait, Evan Rachel Wood you say?? Ewwww no!!! Fucking wannabe fake. If you wanna show pale girls rockin a bikini put the ORIGINAL Dita in there not her wanabe imitation Evan *spit* I have an awesome pic of Dita in a bikini looking awesomely teeny tiny.

    Sorry Summer, I'm not insulting your tastes, Evan just makes me want to vomit in my mouth a little bit, although I so like her pale skin and her tattoo. Just not her vacuous personality.

    <3 you Zen soooo much. Thanku for this :D

  3. holy shit this is fucking incredible! thanks so much for this!!

    and I've never seen her before... wow

  4. sad to say but i had never heard of her before but she is amazing. such perfect legs. sigh

    thank this is one amazing thinspo.

    keep um coming.



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