Thursday, May 27, 2010



  1. my favorite is the girl in the fur coat in the backseat.

  2. Such beautiful images! Where do you find all this gorgeous thinspo?!

  3. loving those grey stockings in the 3rd one...
    also. its so nice to see thinspo pics that haven't been on other blogs already. I'm so sick of other bloggers that just repost pics from other blogs. thankyou thankyou thankyou :)

  4. summer - the girl in the fur coat is British model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. She definitely is GORGEOUS.
    Those photos were taken by Greg Williams.

    Alice D & justanothergirl - I search through photographer portfolios for interesting, unusual, and racy images.

  5. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. Oh, I forgot something. MORE LOVE!

    #7 is perfection. '

    You are a(n evil) genius thinspo blogger! :)


  6. Oh damn Bree... I would KILL for 7's body. She has a perfect balance of thin and tone.
    Definitely my fave out of this batch.

  7. Another epic set. Oh Zen, if only we were lesbian lovers and then I could send you some particularly naughty pics of me in stockings, much like #7

    At the moment they are only being appreciated by a particular c*** of a male, who just likes the arse shots and doesn't appreciate the ribs and collarbones. I wish men liked thin as much as I do.

    Speaking of male appreciation (or lack thereof)-you MUST get your hands on the latest edition of i-D magazine (or at least check out the shots on line). This month features Giselle and Miranda Kerr and boy those photos of Miranda get me wet. Typically, the male comments online seem to be negative in relation to her lack of breastage in the absence of VS padded underwear and photoshopping but I think she is PERFECTION.

    ....sometimes I do wonder where the line is between 'appreciating the female form' and full on lesbian, and whether I have passed it. Lawl.


  8. Ahhahaha Elle, I too find the female body to be absolutely divine.
    Men cannot possibly appreciate women the same way we do, they simply see the areas where they can grab a hold of and thrust. Checking out i-D mag now.
    Oh, and send in those naughty pics of yourself... it's never to late to add them into a post ;)

  9. HOLY FUCKING SHIT. These are so hot.

  10. LMAO wren! Glad you like em!

  11. LOVE 7. Dear God. This is the best porn blog ever. <3

  12. wow.
    these pictures are amazing!

  13. really beautiful -I am now following :)

    Love Cille


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