Sunday, May 9, 2010


Summer: I do have Red and Brunette collections started. Redheads are actually turning out to be the most fun finds. Difficult and rare (I'm pretty picky), but very sexy.

xEllex: I haven't seen Abbeys inner lip tattoo. I seriously cannot get enough of her though. She is perfection.
If by lezzer you are referring to the risqué Purple Magazine shoot, I am making a post featuring it next. It is fucking fabulous.

thx ladies

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  1. Well I know it would be cheating to use someone elses but....

    Make sure you get some Lily Cole in there! That is Lily Cole back when she was thin, before she decided she was such an awesome model that she could get fat. No, love. Now you're just fat.

    Yay for Zen


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