Monday, May 10, 2010

Purple Fashion Magazine "Best of Season"

Terry Richardson shot the "Best of the Season" for Purple  magazine in his usual provocative fashion. Models Abbey Lee Kershaw, Freja Beja, Magdelena Frackowiak, and Eniko Mihalik pose in the most coveted items of the season and get a little sexy while they're at it for the shoot, inspired by Helmut Newton's Big Nudes.


  1. lol wow that was interesting. i was going through all the pictures when C walked behind me and yells "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU LOOKING AT!" right in my was only alittle hard to explain. i ended up telling him i wanted to compare my nipples to model nipples to make sure nips are normal. lol he completely beleived me but then got all pervy and wanted to "help me" compare.
    guys are gross. :P
    stay strong and keep up the awesome thinspo

  2. lol... nothing wrong with a little kink in your love life meg *wink*

    These girls are the epitome of sexy, I would KILL for such perfect tits and legs!

  3. Oh terry... at least he kept it in his pants for the shoot (;


  4. nice! if i had their bodies i would be naked all the time. could you do a theme with black girls please?

  5. just gorgeous. can't wait for the redhead-collage since i've recently joined their tribe (;

  6. Terry is genius, if a TOTAL pervert. Have you seen the Pirelli 2010 calender Zen? I wish I could buy it *sigh. I have yet to work out if I'm a lesbian or just a pervert myself. I can't stand all this feminist bullcrap about the shoot. The girls wouldn't have done anything they weren't up for, they are clearly loving it! I mean, wouln't you?

    Good job as always. Looking forward to the next one xx

  7. Yeah, I'm pretty much like questioning my sexuality at this point...
    xxxooo Eva


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